Thursday, May 19, 2005

Xiaxue is hot.

Nothing like a well-known, beautiful girl lamenting her singleness and hailing her own amazing intellect to get the blood pumping - or boiling - and the comments going. Well, I take that back. She gets a million comments regardless of what she writes about. People just like being seen on her blog and pretending to be heard. You know her fame won't rub off on you, right?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Every once in a while the founder of this blog gets sick of writing papers and decides to update the blog, even though readership now probably hovers around zero and a half readers per week. Also, every once in a while, the founder of this blog decides to speak in third person. But I shall stop it now.

Xiaxue has stumbled upon the most infallible method of immunity from insult ever! Praytell, what are the 5 things no law-abiding, reasonably sensitive person can touch?:
1) race
2) handicap
3) age
4) gender
5) Religion

since you can't create a new race (eee. horrible thoughts of eugenics), and handicap, age and gender aren't directly associated with your views, what more annoying way is there to protect your opinions from insult than promoting them to a religion?

So I now found the Holy Order of the Anti-Xiaxue.

Our creed decrees;
-Thou shalt not mindlessly lappeth up all that Xiaxue throweth at thee, simply because she is famous, in the desperate hope that this famous someone will totally agree with thee, thus giving thee an immense ego boost and bragging rights for the day.
-Thou shalt not be cowed into submission by her intimidating verbal attacks on anyone who opposes her. Damn it, if thou thinketh she is wrong, stick with thy bleddy opinion and groweth a damn spine.

But one can't help but agree that religions that encourage proselytising get annoying. In a way, they are like, well.. sheep. (Note this is coming from a Christian. Yes, I am so Christian.) Some Christians are only Christians because they are afraid of going to Hell if they don't believe in God. Sometimes I wonder if the religion exists only because the Church uses Fear to control its flock. The hell!!! I mean, they use the sheep analogies on themselves!

I'm resolving not to be mean to XX today because she's just lost a friend. But! But but but. I do think she's gone way overboard in her criticism of that poor ol' pastor. For any normal person I would totally understand. It's gotta be pretty hard to be tolerant of other's mistakes when your grieving. But since she expects such a degree of perfection in everyone else, what can I say man. Xx, cut the pastor some slack would ya. Firstly, I bet he didn't know someone in the crowd would misconstrue his intentions so badly. Secondly, he's just trying to help.

On to totally unrelated news (don't worry, it's not as unrelated as before): That PSC scholar guy whose blog just got dragged kicking and screaming into the limelight by someone who was probably jealous that she didn't get a PSC scholarship.

Now, I recall reading somewhere some argument by someone who said that blogs are channels for personal opinions and we have no right to comment or judge etc etc etc. What do you say to this man? We aren't wrecking anyone's future. We aren't calling for the shutdown of XX's blog, let alone trying to sabotage her entire life. My point is, if this poor dude's 3 offensive entries out of 2 million neutral ones in an obscure little private password-protected blog warrants such furore, no one can say XX isn't responsible for what she says on her blog. So there. Blogs are being noticed my friends.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Explaining myself

I thought this comment needed a response.

"What message did you exactly get across?!? I don't get it. You didn't take away her endorsement deal, you didn't take away her 8k visitors or diminish her popularity in the media or turn the famous bloggers like mrbrown against her.They're having a blast, doing the Sexy Blogger together. And i bet you wish you were one of them too. Heh."

This blog did not start out with the sole purpose of bringing Xiaxue down. We`re not interested in taking away her endorsement deal. In fact, I think that`s probably an excellent step forward for bloggers everywhere. She`s living proof that the Internet is just as important a medium for communication as any other. No one really wants to take away her thousands of readers either. By starting a hate site, wouldn`t we actually be bringing (arguably) more attention to her? Anyway, most (if not all) of the people here have actually hailed from Xiaxue`s blog so really, doesn`t it make sense that the point of this blog is actually to give a differing perspective on Xiaxue? A perspective other than that of agreeable fawning fans and mindless bashers.

Even if you are anti-Xiaxuers, aren`t you tired of hearing, "Xx you suck!" and "Your dog is so unfortunate to have a boorish vulgar poseur such as yourself as a mistress!" and "lolx ur bitch ppl agree ur ugly." Didn`t you feel that it was high time someone hates her properly? Someone with brains and preferrably not someone who just thinks they write better/someone else writes better and therefore Xiaxue should not be Asia`s or even Singapore`s best blogger?

I cannot speak for everyone contributing to this blog but I for one, criticise her because of the value of her worth. I do not intend to reduce her to a forgotten, friendless, fantastic hair-less fishfinger. Afterall, a good idea is a good idea, wherever it originates. The sheep-bashing is just a seemingly unavoidable side effect of disputing her posts.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

You know what guys, anyone out there wanna contribute to this blog? I'm not as eng as when I started this site, and besides, I've just about satisfied my sheep-bashing needs, and I'm glad I got a chance to get my message across while gaining the knowledge that there are others out there who feel the same way as I do. It's also comforting to note that, judging from the comments received on this page, anti-xx-ers are so intellectually superior that one or two of them can beat the shit out of hordes or mindless sheep. Is it just me or do xx's die-hard supporters just tend to suck at English and logic?

Drop me a mail if you're interested. If not, I won't be around much to care. Adios!

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I'm so bored.

Xiaxue!! It's been DAYS!! Why aren't you blogging!! You said you would update ages ago!

I'm so sorry!!! Look!! Your fans still undyingly support you!!
Please start blogging again so that I can pick on you and the sheep squad instead of filling this blog with unrelated uninspired crap!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Query: When xx-fans ask me why I haven't been talking about xx lately, (apparently because I have become ball-less), are they actually asking for more?

Wendy hasn't posted anything offensive recently, so what can I do. I would gladly diss the general sheep population, but they are repeating themselves so much that in order to do that, I would have to repeat the same counterarguments too, therefore boring the hell out of myself and everyone else.

Instead of doing that, to further demonstrate how much free time I have, and to keep you entertained, here's a couple of random blogs. More dudes posted their links on the comments thing on the previous post, just so you know:

- An NUS undergrad's blog, compare to
- US uni undergrad's blog, whom I don't think minds this link being here since he is a self-professed attention whore, and
- another US uni undergrad one. (You all call me bohliao, wait till you read the incredibly enlightening 'orcheh diaries'. Is that even how you spell it??)

US air must really mess with people's minds man.

btw if you want your link taken down, lemme know.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I am stuck with no choice

Today I'm not gonna diss xx either. In fact, I am going to diss a FELLOW ANTI-XIAXUER!!!


Before your brains explode in confusion and horror, I recommend you check this fabulous site out. Click me! I lead to a fabulous blog


Firstly, why his blog is called "I am stuck with no choice!" completely confounds me. Secondly:

I am pretty inspired to clamp down xiaxue's site! think some things she say is totally incorrect! u think so too? drop me a mail n we can condemn it togather!

There are several things we can deduce from this blog description.
1) He's pretty inspired to clamp down xx's site. This is evident from the fact that his one and only post was on valentine's day 2004. The fact that his first and only post has abso-fuckin-lutely nothing even vaguely to do with Xiaxue also proves his unquestionable drive and passion.

2) He thinks 'some things she say is totally incorrect'. I think his primary school English teacher must have taught him a few things that is totally incorrect too. U think so too?

3) Drop him a mail and we can condemn in togather? Sure! Encourage said activity by not including your email address anywhere on the page! *pfft*. Genius.

And then his infamous, first and only post:
Saturday, February 14, 2004
Today is my first day as a blogger! so shall start with an intro abt myself. I am a student in xxx studying chemical engineering! so potential chem engineers n would b ones can drop me an email! I not so free to start an essay yet. so if u r real free, can send me an email!btw, i am not desperate for all ur emails. so pls send it to me sparingly.

I suppose if you are real free, you can slowly go and find out what the hell his email address is by scouring the profiles of all the chem engineers in unnamed university (which happens to be ranked among the TOP IN THE WORLD!)! Obviously he's not desperate for all our humble emails, cos if he was, there would at least be an email address that is not so well hidden nobody can tell where the hell it is, if it is displayed/linked at all! I'm sure he received emails sparingly alright. very sparingly.

Sidepoint: Aren't potential chem engineers and would be ones the same thing??!!!

The worst thing of all is that he's wasting such a beautiful blog URL. Probably this dude felt spiteful at not having a date on Valentine's day, so he decided to be mean and steal a perfectly good URL, thus pissing off generations of future anti-XXers to come. Kids, if you are so fortunate as to have a blog URL such as "", that is certain to gain traffic even if no one links you because bohliao people like me type in random blognames like that, please make good use of it. So that I don't need to hunt you down and kick your ass.

Even though this is technically an anti-xiaxue blog, (and has turned out more of an anti-sheep blog), I can't possibly kao bei about her or her worshippers everyday, so today I'm gonna blog about something else.

Poor ol' Michael Jackson (henceforth known as MJ, cos his name is too mafan to keep on spelling out)

He used to be worshipped by thousands, millions of people all around the globe, even though he didn't proclaim he was fucking gorgeous! (this referring to the time when he still looked vaguely human). Probably this had something to do with his badboy image, as evident in his aptly named song, "bad", where he proclaims, "[he is] bad". Yes. MJ was very bad.

Alas, today, when he looks like he fell into a tub of concentrated chlorine bleach, sounds like my grandma, and is trying to portray himself as an innocent childlike bugger, he is being accused of being a dirty paedophilic gay bastard. Suddenly half the world can only think of MJ as a sick freak who eats little boys for breakfast. And rapes monkeys.

And suddenly, people like that Martin Bashir dude start making documentaries about 'how weird he is' and give you insights into 'Wacko Jacko's disturbing life'. Suddenly everyone hates MJ!! When only a couple of years ago he was the de facto king of popularity!

Why now? It's not like he wasn't already being accused of molesting boys/ being a weird ass at the height of his career. People had already noticed when he built a frikkin Disneyland in his backyard, kept a private zoo, slept in a dunno-what chamber, danced with the elephant man etc etc. And let's not forget when I was in Pri 1 (guess how old I am), when MJ was the guy to listen to, he'd also been accused of molesting some dude! Why now then suddenly everyone turn against him?

Poor bugger. I may be wrong when I say this, but I think herd mentality had a teensy weensy part to play in his fall from grace when it became the in thing to hate him.

On to other totally-unrelated shit!

Since Blizzard has not been provoked sufficiently to kao bei about xx / xx-groupies for the time being, she wonders what to fill this fledgling blog with in the meantime. Blizz wonders if it would be a good idea to feature some blogs here to keep readers entertained. Blizz also wonders why she is speaking in third person. Anyway, she requests that if readers think this is a good idea, they should send her their blog URL and a description of why they think their blog is interesting, in less than the maximum number of hairy nipples 100 monkeys can have at one time. And that should be 200. Unless you are talking about monkeys with unhairy nipples. Blizzard would also like readers to know that even though you might not think this is a good idea, there is nothing you can do to stop it (WAHAHAHHAA. *ahem*). And finally, it doesn't matter if it's anti-xx or not, just as long as it has AT LEAST some interesting posts, and is not one long chain of teenage angsty whines. *gestures wildly towards the new email link on the sidebar*